Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Felt Flower on Canvas

I had pinned a cute Esty sample of a felt flower on a canvas a few months ago and I finally got around to crafting it the other day. I was happy with the outcome & the total price ($9.00)! Thank god for coupons.
My supplies:
Blue painters tape
Spray paint
Hot glue gun & sticks

I started off by making a cheveron stripe pattern on my canvas. This is a lot harder than it looks.
Making all the lines line up was difficult. There was a lot of re-taping going on and by the end I had a major headache. I then was excited to spray paint! I chose the Winter Gray color that I had left over from redoing my thrift store lamp. I thought, well since I already have the paint I should use it. Two coats and this is what I was left with!
It may not be perfect but it looks good enough for me! I then got to cutting out my flower petals. In the flower I had pinned on Pintrest the petals were triangle shaped but I thought that was a little to difficult so I went with circular petals. I cut out 3 diffrent sizes of circles then cut the circles in half. I basically outlined a drinking glass and a ring of ducted tape to get my circles perfect. I then started assembling my flower with a little layering. I first put it all down without hot gluing
When I had all my petals in place I took them off and started to hot glue. I figured it would be nice to have some value in the flower so I simply pinched the middle of the petal together and that added the right amount of depth
After about 5 hours (I'm sure it can be done in less time then that but I am a perfectionist and needed it to be just right) I was done! When it came to the middle of the flower I kind of just folded a bunch of petals in 3's and glued them down.
I am so happy with the outcome!! I couldnt stop looking at it for hours. This now hangs above my dresser and I get to look at it every morning. I am actually thinking of making another since I have so much felt left over. Or maybe I will make a throw pillow!

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